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Everything deserves a Second Chance

published by Yasmin Giger in #Fasciagunfaces December 28, 2021


The young Swiss athlete Yasmin Giger on her personal secret to success.

Anyone who gets the chance to join Yasmin Giger on a training day will soon realise how much discipline is required to become an elite track and field athlete. After all, nothing is more ambitious than the goal of the extremely talented and likeable young Swiss hopeful, who despite all her focus and intensity, never forgets how important it is to enjoy her sport and stay relaxed.

3:25,90! When their time appeared on the giant display board in the Tokyo stadium, the spectators in the stadium and on TV could hear loud cries of joy. They were coming from the women’s Swiss 4×400 m relay team. It was a new Swiss record! They’d shattered the previous record from 1993 by almost 3 seconds.
The women knew straight away that this amazing time probably wouldn’t be enough to reach the finals but they didn’t care at this point. They were Switzerland’s fastest ever women in this event and this race would be another step toward their ambitious goal of making it among the world elite.
The time on the display board confirmed without doubt that they are on the right path. The final runner of the event in Japan was the 21-year-old runner from Romanshorn – Yasmin Giger.


Yasmin trains every day with her coach Flavio Zberg for moments like these. He helps her overcome boundaries in perhaps the most innovative training centre in Europe, the OYM in Cham. Yasmin also completed a course in business studies at the integrated campus for sporting talent. For her, it’s an absolute privilege. Yasmin is disciplined, has plenty of ambition and always sets new goals.

„I’m generally a positive person and think the most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing. I try to set myself realistic goals and seize opportunities: if not now, then when?”


Yasmin Giger reaches her goals with a smile on her face

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